Please support these specialty nurseries with your patronage so that we can keep these rarer roses in commerce.

The Antique Rose Emporium - Ships 2-gallon own-root roses. Great selection of old garden roses, although they seem to cater slightly to warmer climates. Their website is best overall for design with a powerful search/browsing engine and multiple ways to find your roses by class, size, color, etc. Helpful descriptions and beautiful photos as well. I've been really impressed by their customer service. Roses ship for spring and fall planting.

Chamblee's Rose Nursery - Good quality, 1-gallon own-root roses at unbeatable prices.

Heirloom Roses - Large selection of band-sized, own-root roses. They have a huge, beautiful catalog with articles, photos of every variety, and somewhat whimsical descriptions. Currently the largest purveyor of own-root roses in the states. Ships all year.

High Country Roses - Catalog has a good variety of old garden roses, with some rarities. Own-root roses shipped in quart-sized pots are healthy. Ships all season.

Northland Rosarium - Choice selection of modern and old garden roses, including Buck roses.

Rogue Valley Roses - With the closing of The Uncommon Rose, this nursery has become the sole vendor of roses by Paul Barden. I've never had an opportunity to place an order with them unfortunately, but I would without reservation.

Roses Unlimited - A large and exclusive selection of roses, old and new. The best source for Buck roses. The own-root roses that they ship are one-gallon size, and I would say the best quality overall that I've seen. The owner of the nursery is Pat Henry, whose garden is featured in the book, Beautiful American Rose Gardens. Customer service is first-rate. Roses ship throughout the season.

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