David Austin Roses - The direct source for Austin's English Roses. Catalog includes miscellaneous modern and old garden roses. All roses are grade 1, large, healthy bareroots on 'Dr. Huey' rootstock.

Edmunds' Roses - Modern varieties on 'Dr. Huey' rootstock. These are healthy, fat bareroots with good canes and massive root systems. Spring shipping.

Hortico Nurseries - A large catalog with some rarities. All of the bareroots I've received looked healthy and had good roots. Unfortunately has a reputation for sending mislabeled plants. They ship roses for fall and spring planting.

Palatine Roses - A family business based in Ontario, Canada. They are exceedingly friendly and accessible by phone, and obviously passionate about roses. They offer the best selection of the newest Kordes roses, including the disease-resistant Fairy Tale and Vigorosa lines. The bareroots, grafted on r. multiflora rootstock, are impressive with lots of big, healthy canes and large roots. I ordered roses in Spring 2007 and planted them shortly before I moved to D.C. Without any initial care I thought the roses would die, but today they are doing among the best in the garden.

Pickering Nurseries - One of the largest selections of roses in North America, especially for old garden varieties. Well-caned bareroots on r. multiflora rootstock, a vigorous understock that grows well anywhere. Somewhat gnarly roots seem to turn in a hundred directions, but the roses are healthy and really take off when planted. Spring shipping.

S&W Greenhouse - They ship very healthy, sturdy 3-gallon potted roses. In order to ship such large plants, the packaging is extremely secure. You might need a crowbar to open the boxes. Mostly modern varieties, including Romanticas. Ships spring and summer.

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